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A Comparison of Available Cuisinart Blenders

One of the most popular manufacturers of blenders has got to be Cuisinart.  What makes them so popular, you might ask?  The reason is because they have produced solid appliances year after year for decades, and compared to some of the newer producers, they are known for making great quality machines.  There are a few different types that you can get, and some of them are better suited for different purposes.  Here are the main ones:

For basic blending, you can usually get by with a mid-range model.  For about $50, you can get yourself a blender that will pretty much do whatever you need it to do.  Cuisinart blenders in this price range will chop right through ice, carrots, or other hard objects pretty easily.  Another thing that makes this brand good is that they give you a glass blender jar, which is usually a lot better than the cheap plastic ones.

If you are willing to spend a little more money, you can get a better machine.  One of the most popular models actually combines two great kitchen appliances in one:  the blender and the food processor.  It comes with a small food processor that just fits onto the blender base to mince and chop whatever you want.  Use it to make sauces, cut vegetables, or make your own hummus.

Another type of blender that has gained in popularity over the years is the hand blender.  Cuisinart makes these two, and they come in very handy in places where you don’t have room for a big counter-top appliance.  Many people choose to keep one of these in the small kitchen at work, since there are few things better than whipping up a frosty beverages in the afternoon.  You can easily make things like blended iced coffee, fruit shakes, or milkshakes in it, and whatever you can’t finish can be easily stored in the mini bar fridge at work.

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