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A Cordless Knife? Aren’t All Knives Cordless?

Doesn’t a “Cordless Knife” sound odd? Does a knife ever need a cord? Contemplating on it further, it really seems strange. The electric knife has been with us for so many years. Many people grew up with electric knives in their kitchen, but surprisingly enough there are still more people who have not seen an electric knife. I grew up in a family who never owned an electric knife, and only a few years ago did I realize how much I have missed out.

It is misunderstood by many and a lot of people do not seem to realize the need of owning one. Try to imagine how many times in your life you sliced something and never got the size or thickness you wanted, and just ending up mashing and ruining everything. The pushing, pulling, and pressing forces you put in a regular knife upon cutting are motions that damage the food. Take for instance pies and stuffed bread. The fillings get to be squeezed out, also crumbling the beautiful but brittle crust.

These are many problems in using ordinary knives and in owning an electric knife you would then eliminate all these slicing nightmares. The reason behind the successful cutting and slicing of the cordless electric knife is that it bears two knife blades. The two blades speedily move simultaneously but on opposite directions. There are two equal forces pulling and pushing both ways maintaining the steady position of the food. This thereby eradicates food disfigurement. A cordless electric knife is excellent on the table, especially for carving ham and turkey. Simply connect the blades and push the button and start carving by pushing down gently on any meat that needs cutting.

Perfect cuts can be done by this cordless knife even on appetizers. Finger foods are impossible to perfect with the conventional carving knives, unless you are a master chef who could juggle knives or you are just like Carlos Santana who is a master in making beautiful music on his guitar. Otherwise, you would really need the electric cordless knife.

An electric knife with a cord attached to it may pose a problem. The cord limits movement and smoothness of flow. The cord gets tangled up because either the cord is too long or sometimes the cord is too short limiting movement and making it really frustrating to use. The best and easiest solution is for you to buy yourself an electric cordless knife.

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