Airtight Food Storage Containers Are Essential

Almost everyone is guilty of wasting food every now and then – at least, I certainly hope I’m not the only one! Airtight food storage containers deserve a spot in your kitchen and pantry. With food costs soaring, these handy containers save you money, time (shopping for replacements for wasted food), and sure helps prevent the self-inflicted guilt trip that follows when you have to toss that food out. I’ve now alloted a portion of my budget to building up my stock of airtight food storage containers. No more wasted food!

The uses for such containers cover the spectrum of perishable foods. Let’s take a look at some of the types and uses for this fabulous kitchen helper.

I love pasta and my pantry is full of just about every type of pasta, a great base for an impromptu meal. The trouble is, sometimes a box languishes overlong in the cupboard, inviting weevils – and waste. The same is true of flour. Well, no more waste of my beloved pasta, now that I store it in airtight food storage containers. I save time and money – and guilt trips. Yes!

Coffee lovers know that both whole beans and ground coffee quickly lose flavor once you’ve opened the vacuum sealed container. I used to store my coffee in the freezer, in order to preserve freshness. However, this eats into your available freezer space. Now, my coffee is housed in wall-mounted airtight jugs, and stays as fresh as the day it was purchased.

If you send the kids off to school with a sandwich and fruit, you may hear complaints about a soggy sandwich and wilted lettuce, or a piece of fruit that didn’t survive in the backpack. With an airtight stainless steel lunch box, the food stays absolutely fresh.

You may stock up on breakfast cereal on your monthly shopping trip, so you have a variety on hand. However, once the bag is open, it starts to degrade in terms of freshness and crunch. Crackers, chips, raisins, nuts, bread and cakes suffer the same fate. Refrigerator items, such as tofu, don’t keep long. Airtight food storage containers solve that problem, substantially extending the life of this food.

You may know that herbs and spices lose their freshness in 3-6 months, kept in their original containers. Spices are one of the pricier items in our cupboards, so you’d do well to get some of these airtight storage jars and avoid this costly waste.

If you’re preparing food for a dinner party, you know there’s a lot of prep time involved. Let’s say you’ve got fresh fruits and veggies on the menu – usually, this is last-minute work, in the interest of freshness. With airtight food storage containers on hand, this can be a do-ahead task! Even dishes like mashed potatoes can be prepared ahead of time in this manner, with no sacrifice in quality or freshness. I say hooray!

These food storage wonders come in an array of styles, sizes and materials, including plastic, glass and stainless steel. Some are freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher friendly. They come in stackable sets, thermos style containers and decorative canisters which provide attractive, handy-access counter top storage for those frequently used items. You’ll even find partitioned containers in which you can store a complete meal as a do-ahead. Just pop it in the microwave and you’ve got a home-cooked meal in minutes.

Shopping in bulk for pet food? There are bulk containers, on rollers, which makes that 40-pound bag of dog food accessible and fresh. Some of these bulk airtight food storage containers double as fancy kitchen furniture, with a wood or painted finish with swing-open bins that, when closed, are airtight.

I’m sure you’ll agree that these storage containers have almost endless possibilities in your kitchen. Now, last but not least, here’s a novel way to save money using the airtight food storage containers: how many times have you purchased a pack of marking pens, only to have them dry out before their time? Problem solved! And, no more wasted food, either!

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