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Breville JE98XL For Sale

There are many juicer reviews available online these days. This is great news if you are searching for one of these kitchen appliances as they will help you decide which machine to get. In this review I want to talk about the Breville JE98XL which is one of the newer machines in the Breville product line up. As with almost all Breville juicing appliances, this is a centrifugal juicer. This means that it operates at high speeds and can quickly turn a bowl of solid fruit and vegetables into a delicious and nutritious health drink.

Consuming lots of fresh fruit and vegetables each day is important for our health and owning a juicing appliance can really help us meet our daily nutritional goals. Benefits that we get from using a centrifugal juicer as opposed to masticating or twin gear machines is that they are very easy to use and are also fast too. The other types of juicers take longer to set up and actually make your drink.

The Breville JE98XL is a two speed juicer. It has a high speed for harder fruits and vegetables such as beets, apples and carrots. The lower speed is for softer produce like melons and leafy green vegetables such as spinach. The variable speed helps to extract maximum juice and also reduce the amount of froth that is created during the juicing procedure. The entry chute on the JE98XL is the same as the other Breville juicing appliances in that it is a circular hole that is 3″ across.

When you compare it to other machines, it is cheaper than the BJE510XL and 800JEXL but a bit more expensive than the BJE200XL. It is a solid juicing appliance that should last for a few years. Breville are respected for their high quality kitchen appliances.

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