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Caring For Dinnerware

No matter what how valuable your homes dinnerware sets, knowing how to clean and look after your collection is crucial. Whether you have most fragile china sets or cheap dinnerware sets made of plastic, below are a number of tips that will aid you in keeping it all clean and in one piece.

Hand-wash Antique China and Old Porcelain

This is self-explanatory perhaps, but I thought I’d start with this one as it is just something that everyone needs to know. Antique porcelain china was not made with the dishwasher in mind. As a dinnerware set increases in age, so does its fragility. Keep this in mind.

Whilst hand washing, Cushion the Bottom of the Sink

When washing your dishware by hand, be sure to place a sink mat or clean towel placed at the bottom. By protecting your plates from the hard surface at the bottom of the sink, this helps cushion your dinnerware and prevents breakages.

Use a Soft Cloth to Scrub

Old porcelain china can scratch very easily, so in order to be as gentle as possible, use the softest cloth you can find. Do not use a brillo-pad or steel wool type product to scrub your porcelain dinnerware!

Store Plates carefully

Utilize dishware separators when storing your dinnerware in order to prevent the plates rubbing against each other. Paper towels can also be improvised to do the same job.

Hang up Cups

By hanging the cups in your dinnerware setup, you protect them from banging against each other. If you cannot hang them somewhere, then stack them in sets of two at maximum, with some form of soft protection in between each cup.

Ensure your Porcelain and China is Dishwasher Proof

While most modern dinnerware is dishwasher proof, always check beforehand. You do not want to out after the fact by seeing your dinnerware set destroyed by the dishwasher. This could be a very expensive mistake.

Do not Overload the Dishwasher

I know, it’s tempting to try and squeeze in that extra cereal bowl or spatula, but it is not wise to do so. In order to protect your dirty dishes, don’t cram them in or you risk damaging your plates.

Use the Dishwashers ‘Light Wash’ Setting

It’s not good to wash your porcelain at high temperatures for extended periods. Heat can weaken the fragile construct of a set and this can lead to breakages.

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