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Announcement: How To Buy Stainless Flatware

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Announcement: How To Buy Stainless Flatware

Buying stainless steel flatware shouldn’t be a mysterious process. We have put together a mini stainless steel silverware flatware buying guide to make the task easier. We hope to show you how to how to buy flatware from things as basic as set of kitchen knives all the way up to an entire stainless steel flatware set. While we don’t expect you to become an expert you will learn the basics of  how to buy stainless steel silverware. And we are going to try and make buying flatware fun.

Who Makes Stainless Flatware?

Some of the major stainless silverware manufacturers are Reed and Barton, Towle Flatware, Wallace Silverware, Oneida, Rogers, Pfaltzgraff, and Gorham. When you are looking to buy stainless steel silverware flatware sets you will be much better off sticking with the more popular flatware manufacturers rather than taking a chance on some obscure discount flatware company that wants to sell you a cheap stainless steel set.

Advantages Of Stainless Silverware

The advantages of  stainless flatware are many.  By choosing stainless flatware, you’re eliminating the possibility of rust and corrosion, both of which can be ugly and even harmful if they were to get on your silverware.. When buying flatware, choosing quality stainless flatware should be of paramount importance. Stainless steel is really not very expensive when compared to sterling silver flatware.

The style of your silverware is important in choosing a flatware design. Much like with dinnerware, flatware should reflect  your personality and lifestyle , whether it’s formal or casual or  in nature. No matter whether it is traditional or contemporary, you should make your selection in keeping with  the kind of dinnerware that you already own so that the styles do not clash.

What is Stainless Steel Silverware Made From?

Stainless steel is the most commonly used material in flatware. Knives and forks and spoons made of high quality stainless steel can withstand every day use without breaking or.bending. While there are any  number of stainless steel flatware sets on the market, some are of better quality than others. When you stick to quality you will be sure to find a stainless steel  set that will last for a long time while still looking good.

When buying flatware choose a stainless steel flatware set which consists of 18 percent chrome and 10 percent nickel. This will be indicated by 18/10 on the packaging. Silverware and cutlery with 18/10  indicated on the label is the best choice. Stainless silverware sets with 18/10 on the box is the best quality. Anything less will be of lower quality. Stainless steel flatware is resistant to staining and is rust proof because of the chromium, whereas the luster and shine comes from the nickel used in the composition.

How To Buy Stainless Steel Flatware

Determine how many people you expect to serve.  While you may normally only have four people sitting at your table, take into consideration how many people you could have for dinner when guests come over. And don’t forget holiday dinners when the whole family shows up. Small hostess sets can serve four or you may buy stainless steel tableware sets for as many as 12 people. Choose a set that will provide matching spoons, forks and knives to everyone seated at the dinner table..

Choose a place setting that goes with the kind of meals you plan to serve. Most flatware sets come with just a knife,  two forks and 2 spoons for each place setting. Others may come with a smaller third fork for appetizers and an extra spoon. Consider buying a flatware set that comes with serving forks and serving spoons as well for serving food onto the guest’s plates.

A second consideration should be the size of the set. For formal dining, an individual place setting usually consists of seven items — table knife, table fork, dessert knife, dessert fork, dessert spoon, soup spoon and teaspoon. A fish knife and fork can be in addition to, or in replacement of, the dessert knife and fork. A good stainless flatware set should also have several large serving spoons.

Try to choose a stainless steel flatware set that goes with the style of your china. There is a large variety of flatware patterns in all sizes and shapes. One of the critical aspects to consider when you are buying  flatware is the design. Flatware, like dinnerware is classified into one of two categories – casual or formal. The design of the flatware, just like the metal that it is manufactured from, will influence factors such as the durability, maintenance, and pricing of these items, so you want to take that into consideration as well as the quality and type of material that the flatware is constructed from.

Stainless Steel vs. Sterling Silver

Most people find that the price of the sterling silver flatware is so high that it is out of their reach. Stainless flatware is the best alternative. Another advantage of stainless flatware over silver is if you have a large family or a lot of children,  stainless flatware is a more economical and practical choice.

When buying silverware don’t overlook discontinued flatware. There are some real bargains to be had. Just make sure you buy enough the first time because there won’t be a second opportunity. When it’s gone, it’s gone, and also gone will be your chances of replacing lost pieces.

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