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Choose The Best Juice Maker

In ancient times, preservations of fruit juices was not possible unless it was cider or wine they wanted. However with the arrival of refrigerators blenders, and new machines, preserving fruit juices is not a problem. There are four kinds of juice maker machines available to extract fruit juices. Citrus, single-augur masticating centrifugal juicer, and twin-gear triturating juicer  are the four kinds of machines available in this regard. The citrus machine is the simplest and the cheapest machine while the twin-gear triturating juicer is the most expensive, and the fastest machine.

The simplest Citrus machine is more result-oriented when using to extract juice out of citrus. A Juice maker can expect best results if they cut the fruits such as oranges, tangerines, lemons etc., into two, before putting into the machine. The conical ribbed component of the machine is where juice makers have to put the fruits in the rotating action squeezes the juices out of fruits. The juices will flow smoothly into another part of the machine.

With the centrifugal machines, a disc spins cutting up the fruits and produces a pulp. The juices are sprayed out separating from the pulp to another section of the juice maker. The speed of the machine can be changed according to the type of fruit. Speed for juicing hard fruit differs from the speed that is needed for soft fruits. Nevertheless, some centrifugal machines only have a single speed and the fruit juice maker has to rely on this speed when producing juice.

The single-augur masticating machine, as name suggests, ‘chews’ vegetables and fruits turning it into a pulp. The Archimedes screw identical to the ones used in past works squeezes the pulp and produces the juice out of them. Comparatively, the single-augur masticating machine is slow. However its effectiveness is very high and it does not produce that much of heat which otherwise could oxidize the juice.

The twin-geared triturating machine is the most advanced machine. This juice maker can produce 90% juice out of fruits they put into the twin geared machine. Although these types of machines are very expensive, they can handle any kind of fruits effectively and gives maximum production.

Unlike in the past, the present fruit juice maker need not have to face any problems when producing fruit juices thanks to new machines and technologies. They can rely on better quality and increased quantity alike with these new machines.

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