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Choosing the Best Pasta Maker

Home cooks seem to love great Kitchen Gadgets, and since we all love great pasta it seems pretty obvious that a great pasta maker machine would be a much loved and often used tool for the kitchen.  The problem is knowing which to buy.

Prices vary enormously, and styles do too.  So how do you pick the best pasta maker?  Well the two key considerations are budget and style of creating pasta.  Obviously the budget is your own, but we shall help you pick the type of machine to buy.

With regards to types of machine, the most popular choices are one of these three:

  • A traditional Italian style hand-cranked machine.  These are usually made from sturdy stainless steel and are really the most trusted method of rolling perfect pasta.   Choose from budget models, that are good for the beginner but may not last as long as you would like, or pay a little more (between $50 and $100) for a highly recommended design such as the Atlas Pasta Machine.   Used correctly their simple design means there is very little that can go wrong and if you buy a good name such as Atlas all parts can be replaced easily at home.
  • An electric automatic pasta maker will mix the dough and then extrude it into the desired shape for you, all at the touch of a button.  Sounds great, but remember pasta dough is messy sticky stuff and needs handling with care.  If you can afford to pay a lot for a high quality item you might get good results, but for the home cook you cannot beat a manual crank, traditional style option.
  • Instead of paying out for another kitchen gadget, any cooks that already have a KitchenAid mixer can buy Kitchen Aid Pasta Maker Attachments.  These are a great choice for reducing clutter in the kitchen allowing you to use an existing tool to roll your pasta dough.

In addition you can buy electric motors that fit onto a traditional style pasta maker machine to do the job of cranking the handle.  Personally I would avoid these at all costs.  Unless you can pay the price for commercial quality kitchen gadgets these tend to be a lot more trouble than simply turning a handle yourself.

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