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Cleaning Your Saucepan Set

Most kitchens have a saucepan set that they probably use nearly every day. They can cost from twenty dollars to hundreds of dollars. Some are stored away in kitchen storage cupboards while other are proudly displayed for the world to see. How ever you store them you always want them easy to hand a ready to use. There is nothing worst than picking your saucepan up to find last nights dinner burnt in the bottom. The advantage of a saucepan set is there is always anther pan you can pickup and use instead but there comes a point we should give our sauces pans a well deserved clean.

Now a lot depends on the material your saucepan is made out of. The most common material saucepans are made from is some form of stainless steel. First try soaking your pan as soon as possible in some hot soapy water. The sooner you get the water working on that burnt food the better. Don’t despair and leave it to fester over night as dried on burnt food will take even more elbow grease to remove it. Soaking in warm soapy water should loosen some of the food from the saucepan. You could use a nylon washing up brush to scrub the surface of the pan as this shouldn’t scratch the surface.

If this doesn’t work then some suggest you boil up a solution of white vinegar and water although you should be careful of the fumes this can give off.

If you are lucky enough and have the patience to own a copper saucepan set then try washing them in hot soapy water. Run them under a tap to rinse any soap bubble and dry with a soft tea towel. One tip is if the copper is starting to tarnish then use a paste of one tablespoon salt, one tablespoon white vinegar, one tablespoon flour.
Make sure you protect your skin by wearing rubber gloves as the vinegar is an acid.
Wash the pot in hot soapy water and rinse it before vigorously buffing for shiny results.

However you clean your saucepan set you will be glad and proud to use it next time you reach for it from your kitchen cupboard.

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