Dual Fuel Range Cooker

A dual fuel range cooker is an appliance which utilizes two types of fuel: electricity and gas. Each type fuel has its advantages and disadvantages. Since a dual fuel cooker is able to use either, you get the benefit of both fuels. You will, however, need to have both electricity and a gas supply in close proximity in order to use the cooker.

These dual fuel ranges are a great combination for any kitchen because there are advantages to using both types of fuel. They come with gas burners on the top cooking surface or stovetop, and an electric oven for baking. Dual fuel ranges have the precision control of a gas cooktop combined with a dual convection oven that offers even temperature and airflow for more consistent and faster results.They truly offer the best of both worlds.

A cooker with gas burners, or gas hobs, heats faster and cooks faster. In addition, since the flame is visible, it makes them much easier to control.They generally have 4 burners, one large burner, 1 medium burner and 2 small burners. You will need to have a vented cooktop above the cooker and adequate ventilation.

Baking with an electric oven provides more even temperature distribution because the heat is more evenly distributed in the oven through the use of internal fans. Almost all electric ovens are self-cleaning with the touch of a button. This makes clean up a breeze. They are also very efficient as compared to a gas oven.

Before installing a dual fuel range cooker you will need to consult a qualified electrician, since the cooker needs a separate electrical circuit. In addition, the gas line needs to be installed or checked by a professional.

Dual fuel cookers have an electronic ignition. They are also required to have a safety device which will shut off the gas if the flame goes out on any of the burners.

Dual fuel range cookers are available in many styles, sizes and colors. Finding one to match your kitchen decor should be a relatively simple task. Designs range from ultra contemporary to traditional. They are available in a wide range of prices, and the prices are continuing to drop as they become more popular. Given the wide variety of cooking flexibility they provide, they are well worth their price. They offer the advantages of both a fast heating, fast cooking surface along with a convenient, efficient electric oven.

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