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Extracting Life Giving Juice with the Citrus Juicer

Citrus juice is a delicious natural Vitamin C supplement that can be used and abused in your daily diet. 2 to 3 servings a day of this nutritious drink can make a big difference in filling your body’s need for vital minerals and substances that can keep it in its tip top shape. This is also the reason why the demand for a reliable citrus juicer is steadily climbing. This also presented a new challenge for consumers – buying the best one and making the right choice in the midst of the countless citrus juicers available in the market today.

The citrus juicer was already in existence the first time children and mothers were making lemonades in the neighborhood. Today it is not just the reminiscent tradition that is pushing families all over America to embrace citrus juice as part of their daily diet. Health and wellness is a rising demand and with this, the citrus juice is at the center of the revolution.

There are manual and electric juicers available today. These two have distinct disadvantages and also have their own downsides. You cannot possibly have all the available features in one juicer. The secret to getting the best deal for your own juicer is making sure that your purchase fits your specific juicing needs. Manual juicers are great because they cost less, they cost nothing to operate and to maintain. But they can also be messy and can have a limited juice yield. Not as efficient as you would hope for.
The electric citrus juicer is more complicated machines that can have some maintenance issues, they are more bulky and can have a higher price tag. But it can deliver convenience in juicing and can have higher yield in extracting juice from the fruit. In the end it will be your need that will dictate the best buy for you.

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