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Home Electric Oven Cooking Tips

There are always new fancy gadgets that make their way into the kitchen every year. Some of them actually help to improve cooking while others are nothing more than passing fads. One thing that will always be considered as a standard in the kitchen is the electric oven, in whatever form it may come in today. Electric ovens have been responsible for producing some of the best food from our childhoods all the way to the present. If you are new to the cooking world, then you should resist the temptation to get caught up in the new fangled appliances that may or may not work. Learn to use the oven properly and you’ll be more than halfway to becoming a great cook who can prepare meals for your entire family. Here are some cooking tips for use with any oven, ranging from convections to newer halogen ovens.

1. You will always want to preheat your electric oven to the proper temperature before cooking your food. Don’t skip this step because it can throw your whole cooking time off kilter. Recipes are made with precise cooking times in mind, and preheating an oven is a big part of that.

2. Don’t forget to flavour your food before you start cooking. Ovens are powerful machines, but you have to help them out by giving your meat seasoning and marinades. So go ahead and let that chicken sit in a marinade over night and never forget the salt and pepper.

3. When your food is cooking, you must never open the door unless absolutely necessary. Many new cooks like to open the oven and poke at their meat, but this will only ruin the overall product. Have patience and let the oven do its job.

4. After your roast is finished, pull it out of the oven and let it rest before cutting it. This will allow the juices to distribute evenly so you get a moist and tender product.

5. It might be hard, but try to clean your oven as often as possible. No one likes the chore or cleaning and thankfully many newer electric convection ovens have self –cleaning features. So make sure to use them and this will give you better tasting food each time.

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