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How To Buy A Red Microwave Oven

The oven is now indispensable in all households by the advantages compared to conventional oven. It hot foods quickly, well and without dirtying pots. Save time when cooking and energy compared to conventional ovens.

If you did have clear, pay attention to the following before purchasing your red microwave oven:

1-The capacity (measured in liters) and external dimensions:

Two sizes are important in the red microwave: “The external size of the red microwave, taking into account the need to make room for proper ventilation, “The internal volume in liters That is, the usable space determined by: -The diameter of the turntable (where the container is placed for heating, cooking or defrosting), especially if you plan to use large trays, and also “The maximum height of the interior (if you want to warm jars and bottles high.)”

Household models more common in the market range from 17 to 32 liters of capacity with a standard diameter turntable, 28 inches, although there are from 24 cm to 36 cm or so.

Some models allow you to disable the function rotating plate, what is gained internal capacity to fit a square pan, but keep in mind that food is cooked evenly through the tray rotates.

Opt for models with cooking grills on two levels that let you cook food to grill and heat a bowl at the same time.

2.-The power (in watts) and energy consumption

The greater the power, before the food is cooked, but the ideal is to acquire a model of the maximum level of efficiency to avoid unnecessary consumption.

Common red microwaves have a power of 800 watts and those with grill, 1000 watt reach. Consumption indicated on the energy label, required under European Union rules. In this label reports the level of energy efficiency of the apparatus with respect to the standard rate. Classification is the letter A to G, more efficient and environmentally friendly (A) less (G).

Although the most efficient appliances are usually more expensive in the long run to invest in them offset by savings in energy consumption over its lifetime.

3.-Programs and special services Most standard red microwave on the market have a satisfactory basic performance.

The difference between these and other models lies in their special features. Here are some:

“The control panel (to select programs, functions, power and time).

Manual drive models are cheaper than digital and intuitive but the latter offer useful features such as clock stop cooking, home programmer (Delay Start) program, automatic defrost and even Internet access and storage of recipes.

Cooking-sensors (measuring the fumes) work very well, as they avoid that food are little or too much cooked.

“The security devices are necessary to prevent domestic accidents, for example, blocking the door in case of handling by children, the double door lock or thermostat.

-Inverter technology is useful because it allows you to adjust the power and conserve energy.

“The quick cooking program on some models combines red microwaves with convection and often with halogen lights to speed the cooking”.


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