How to Choose The Best Microwave Oven

General Electric sells the most microwave ovens, with approximately 1/3 of the market, followed closely behind by Sharp.

Most microwaves purchased today or countertop models. Manufacturers are trying to boost capacity without taking up more counter space. To try to accomplish this by using smaller electronic components and installing the controls directly on the door. Countertop models range in price from $40-$250 depending on the features and their sizes.

Microwave power varies, with midsize and large microwave ovens at 850 to 1650 watts. Small compact microwaves are at 600 to 800 watts.

Most countertop microwaves now come with a turntable that rotates so that food will heat more evenly. Some models even have a tray that moves from side to side to keep large dishes of food moving. You can even buy a pink microwave oven. Most models now have shortcut keys or menus for particular foods and for reheating and defrosting. Many have an automatic popcorn feature that just requires a press of one button. Microwave ovens usually have a number of power levels available, and you will find many microwave ready foods that require less than 100% power. Some models have a sensor to prevent overcooking or under cooking by determining when the food is ready based on infrared light or the amount of steam coming off the food. This is a worthwhile option as it can save you a lot of money and wasted meals.

Countertop models are the least expensive and are best for kitchens with a lot of counter space. Compact models can cost very little, as little as $40. Midsize and large models have more capacity and more features, but are still in the vicinity of 2.8 to 3.2 cubic feet of cooking space.

Don’t take the manufacturer’s word for stated capacity for microwave ovens. The actual space or actual usable space can be up to 50 to 60% less than the manufacturer claims. The only way to be sure the micro-suede is big enough for your needs is to take a large plate to the store with you when you shop. See if it fits inside the microwave you are considering.

Choose the options you purchase wisely. Will you really use the grilling and browning feature or some of the other functions. You can save money by not paying for options that you will never use. And even if you do use these options, they will probably not work as well as a regular oven.

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