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How To Choose The Best Microwave

If you have only used your microwave over for warming and defrosting, then it is time that you take a look at what is now available in microwave ovens.

Part of the reason for this is that many of the earlier microwaves were suited for little else. Those who are able to remember the early eighties will remember enduring gray hamburgers that were tough and chicken breasts that were white and rubbery. We tried cooking in those old microwaves and decided that we wanted our food to taste better so we went back to the tried and true methods.

Microwaves of today are totally different. Now they can cook an entire dinner. You can have meats that have actually been browned on the outside and are crispy. On the inside they are still tender and flakey. Vegetables are moist and tasty. In fact the meal is just as good as if you had cooked it in or on your range.

Microwaves featuring all these options will cost about one hundred dollars above the cost of the simpler models. If you pay this initial cost, you will regain it quickly in the savings it brings on your power bill. That range in the kitchen is a power hog. Microwaves use much less energy to do the same job in less time.

First you will want to decide on either the countertop model or the over the stove model. If you have enough counter space, countertop models cost less and are more convenient. They are also available with the biggest selection of features and options.

Over the stove models work great in small kitchens. While there is a greater initial cost and some require professional installation, many of these models have the added feature of the range hood exhaust. If you do not have a duct to the outside, these hoods can be vented inside the house. While the exhaust fans are less effective than a traditional range hood, most people find that they do a very adequate job at removing cooking smells and smoke from the house.

Some of the newer microwave ovens have a convection oven combination that is good for cooking a whole meal. The convection oven circulates hot air around the food in order to speed up cooking. It also gives the food a crispy crust. It works well with baked goods as well as roasted meats. Some other models offer a quartz or halogen light that allows for natural browning of meats.

Some new microwaves offer sensor cooking. The feature tests for infrared heat or steam from the food being cooked. When the food is done, the microwave automatically shuts off. No more guessing at the number of minutes to cook an item of food.

If you are still trapped in 1980 with your microwave and using it only for reheating or leftovers, then it is time that you take a walk down the appliance aisle and find the new features that are offered in microwave ovens. You should also get rid of those polyester pants too.

Reese Cook uses the best microwave for heating, defrosting and cooking. She enjoys writing microwave reviews in her pastime and publishes them in his blog.

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