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How To Install A Bar Fridge

Installing a mini-bar inside one’s house is somewhat traditional for people who really enjoy spirits, beer, wine, and even non-alcoholic beverages (bar enthusiasts). Putting a wet bar inside your house can even add a little touch of elegance, especially when all the beverages are well arranged. One part of organizing a mini-bar is the placing of the bar fridge, often inside of a cabinet.

The first question is, who’s going to do the installation. If you’re into DIY (do-it-yourself) you should have no trouble completing this job as it’s not too difficult. With a few carpentry skills and some accurate estimation and measuring, you’ll be okay and on your way. As an alternative, hiring a handyman for the job should be easy, and then you can just let someone else handle the job.

The next thing to decide is whether your new refrigerator will go into a new cabinet or an existing one. This will determine what size is best.

Now you have to choose what exact dimensions will work best for you. What size bottles will be going in it? 2-liter bottles require a taller interior design. Wine bottles will need deeper shelving so they can be placed on their sides. What dimensions will work best in the surrounding area?

If the new refrigerator is going into an existing cabinet, your options will be more limited in choosing the size of the cooler. It has to fit loosely enough to leave a gap on the sides and top for easy access. If the chiller is deeper than the cabinet, however, some wood can be added to the cabinet to increase its depth and accommodate the new appliance.

Building a new cabinet is straightforward enough if you possess the necessary woodworking skills. You should use a strong, durable wood for the project. Make sure when measuring to leave clearance all around for cooling and air circulation. You’ll need access, of course, to an electrical outlet in the near vicinity.

Though you can find a bar fridge that’s made with the exterior design of a cabinet, this kind of unit will most likely be priced much higher than a typical refrigerator. That’s why it’s preferable and more practical to just make your own cabinet or have it made for you. It could turn into a creative and rewarding home DIY project. There’s something special about creating something really functional for the home, and this is a good place to start. It’s fairly easy and a good result shouldn’t be difficult to obtain.

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