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Make Perfect Burgers with a Hamburger Patty Press

Now that good weather is finally upon us, I can start planning a bunch of family cookouts and barbecues. These get-togethers are by far the best part of any spring or summer, because there’s just nothing better than hanging out on the deck eating great food, drinking cold beer, and enjoying each other’s company. This season I’ve even got a new weapon in my kitchen arsenal that will make our parties even better: a brand new hamburger patty press that I’ve been saving for the first cookout of the year.

I know a hamburger patty press isn’t very sexy as far as kitchen gadgets go, but at least I know I’ll get plenty of use out of it — unlike the various juicers, slicers, and dicers cluttering up my cupboards. Plus, I paid less than $20 for the device at an online store, which was a pretty terrific deal considering some of the prices I saw at local shops for the exact same item.

Anyway, since I take my burgers so seriously, I did a lot of research before making my purchasing decision. There are a lot of different hamburger patty press devices on the market, and all of them are slightly different. You’d think a gadget like this would be rather straightforward, right? After all, it’s just pressing a hunk of ground beef into round patties. But there’s quite a bit of variety out there.

I decided to go with a hamburger patty press that had features I’d be sure to use. For example, the model I bought allows me to adjust the thickness of each burger from 1/4 inch to 1 1/2 inches. This probably isn’t something you’d ordinarily consider, but I know from experience that there are times when a thicker or thinner burger is more desirable. My hamburger patty press also has an ejector spring that pops the finished patties out quickly and easily. I’ve seen other models that don’t have this feature, and let me tell you, it can get quite messy trying to scrape all that ground beef out of the machine!

This hamburger patty press can be used for more than just cookouts. For example, I can make a bunch of patties and freeze them to keep on hand for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. I can also use the machine with ground turkey or chicken to make healthier meals for my family. Really, I can’t see a drawback to this product.

I love how easy it is to get perfectly round beef patties that are uniform in size and shape. This hamburger patty press was a bargain, and is going to be the hit of the summer for sure. I can’t wait to start using it next weekend!

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