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Making your own sugar free fruit juice concentrates with a steam juicer

Buying sweet, unhealthy cordials and so called fruit juice concentrates is something that is undoubtedly contributing to the obesity crisis at the moment. Sugar laden drinks are putting way to many extra calories into everyone – kids and adults alike. Steam JuicerIf you are in the lucky position to have a few fruit trees, or have access to fresh fruit from a neighbor or family members garden, maybe you should consider investing in a steam juicer to make your own healthy cordials and concentrates at home. Making juice with a steamer juice is not hard at all, in fact it is probably the easiest way of preserving fruit that there is. You do not need the same expensive equipment as with a pressure canner, in fact once you have the steamer, you can even just use old glass milk or juice bottles to preserve the juice in. There is a good chance that you would be able to find and buy  a steam juice second hand, either from your local newspaper classifieds, or off ebay. These juicers have hardly changed in the last 40 years, and there is nothing wrong with a pre loved one usually. Buying a new one is not too expensive either – after all it is basically just a tall steam cooker. If you choose to buy a steam juicer you immediately have many options, for what sort of juices you want to make. Apples, plums, peaches and nectarines all make great juice, but basically you can juice anything you want. Even berries make wonderful juice. Although most people do add sugar to their juices, you do not have to do this. If you do make a batch of say apples juice, and it tastes a bit sour, a really good alternative to adding sugar is to just mix in a few very ripe fruits like pears. These contain lots of natural fruit sugar, which is healthier and will still taste great. Your home made juices will keep for about a year as long as you pour them into well cleaned, sterilized glass bottles and store them somewhere cool and dry. Just like opening a can of preserved peaches in winter, serving home made juices out of season is a great feeling.

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