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Micathermic Heaters | Model Comparison

Soleus Air offers the HM2 models with flat panel and remote. These heaters are getting a lot of attention because they function on low energy use, but some are capable of putting out 750 watts/ 1500 watts of heat. The Eco heat settings offer choices of hi and low to save energy. It releases up to 80% convection. The heaters release 20% reflective heat.

Soleus makes the HGW models, which includes a flat panel heater with remote. The remote has a digital display. This model mounts on the wall, which the purpose is to allow you to save space. Soleus seems to have made several models, which you can compare to on the Web.

There are many options when buying a micathermic heater. Bionaire makes the BH series, which are silently heat your entire room from a digital thermostat. These types of heaters make you wonder if you purchased a couple and put them in the main room of your home, and kept your heat down to the bare minimum if you could save money on heating costs. But, then you have to think whether you would need to purchase one for each room.

Bonaire makes a lightweight designs that run silently while producing convection heat in the whole room. Understand, convection means to transfer heat within the atmosphere in an upward movement at higher volumes to produce warm air. We are well aware that heats extend upward. What happens is the upward movement leads to subsequent condensing and forms as a cloud.

It is apparent these heaters are worth the investment, yet other models are worth considering. Bonaire made the Micathermic element console heaters, BH models.

These convection heaters function quickly to heat your room. The console is lightweight and easy to move to one location from another. These models are alternatives to the oil fueled heaters. Heat circulates in the room evenly, even in larger areas. On low, the heaters produce 750 watts, and high it produces 1500 watts.

This model has a fast warm up timer that when used produces heat with less energy. The unit offers safety features, such as the Setting Range and the Tip-Over Protection. The BH Micathermic units cost slightly more than others do.

Holmes Group offers the convector heaters that deliver instant heat. A thermostat is built-in to the unit for comfort control and high/low settings. Tip-over protection is available. The units are smaller, yet the price is slightly under Bionaire models, such as the BH series.

Soleus makes the HGW models, which are flat panel heaters with remote and are wall mountable. These units are thin, weighing only 11 pounds. There is several models to compare to others, so don’t forget to look at DeLonghi HHP models, which is the safe-heat Mica-Panel heaters. These models have carrying handle, options in wall mounting, and roller wheels for easy movement.

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