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Oil and Vinegar Sets

An oil and vinegar set is an often overlooked kitchen accessory that plays an important role at all your special dining occasions. These sets add a touch of elegance to your table spread, while making it easy for your guests to pour just the right amount of oil and vinegar on their salads and other dishes with no mess. They also make for a terrific gift for a variety of special events.

When having guests over it is important that your dining table will look its best. You pay careful attention to your choice of silverware, dishes, and tablecloth, but your salad dressing is set out in the ugly plastic bottle that you bought it in. A beautifully designed oil and vinegar set helps to add a Mediterranean flair to any meal. Your guests will appreciate the easy pourability of the bottles and you will love the way the unique design accentuates the other features of the table setting.

One type of oil bottle that is especially important for fine dining is an oil drizzler. These bottles are fitted with a chrome spout that is designed to release the contents slowly, so diners can add the perfect amount of oil to their food with no mess and no risk of over-pouring. Oil drizzlers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bottles made from hand-blown glass are especially attractive for special occasions. You can also purchase a drizzler made from colored class or ceramic. The benefit of these types is that they help to prevent the oil from breaking down and losing its quality. These are especially usefully when you want your oil to maintain its flavor over the course of several meals.

If you are someone who enjoys entertaining at home you are going to want to make sure you have at least one oil and vinegar set in the cupboard. These sets serve a pivotal role during Christmas suppers or birthday celebrations and make for an interesting conversation piece that friends and family will enjoy.

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