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Announcement: Propane Grilling

Almost everyone seems to be using the propane gas grill for their backyard cookouts. Your friends even boast of their grill’s features in conversation and urge you to buy your own so that backyard grill parties can rotate among your group. Even your children talk of barbecue parties their friends’ parents have. Finally, you bought one. Here are several tips on using the propane grill safely and efficiently.

1. Read the manual. You don’t have to read it cover to cover. You can skip the versions in other languages, the information about the company and other sections not relevant to you. Focus on the sections on features, usage and frequently-asked questions or troubleshooting. An effective way to familiarize yourself is to identify the parts on the grill itself instead of on the drawing. Take the new grill out of the packaging and look at the parts. Make sure it is not attached to the propane tank as you practice on the knobs and levers.

2. Set up the grill outside. This means that you should not use the grill in your kitchen, basement, garage or any enclosed space. Unlike your gas stove at home, propane emits fumes so ventilation is necessary.

3. Use common sense. When storing your grill, make sure that all controls and levers are in the off position and the fuel valve is completely closed. Cover the burner holes and hoses so insects do not go in and mess up the mechanisms. Wait until the grill has cooled before you cover it. Do not let children and pets play with it or near it. The gas cylinder must be upright and kept in a cool place. When you take it out to use, check the grill and the connections to the gas cylinder for any rust, dents, loose connections, holes in the hose, etc. Remember that propane is pressurized gas, so never smoke while handling the gas cylinder and grill. You must never use lighters or matches to test if there are leaks. Loud and fiery gas explosions should stay in the movies, not be in your home.

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