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Non-Stick Cookware; A Guide

Posted on 05 May 2010 by Admin

There are many advantages to making a nonstick cookware set a part of your cookware essentials. Price being the primary factor. The lower price of nonstick cookware places owning a complete cookware essentials set in favor with most budget conscious buyers.

Nonstick cookware is easy to use and clean. Because of it’s nonstick coating,  no oils are needed in the cooking of food which is of great assistence to the heart and health. With nonstick, The same coated surface which helps keep food from sticking also aids in it’s being rust-proof. This is why it is often considered part of the cookware essentials.

Teflon and Calphalon are the two types of nonstick cookware sets most prevalent on the market. These coatings are generally applied over hard, anodized aluminum, a material which is comparatively lighter in weight as well as even heating.

Certain health risks and health issues have been related to the improper use and handling of nonstick cookware – Teflon in particular. Due to it’s comparatively recent arrival as a type of cookware, it was initially treated by consumers in the same manner as with other cookware types such as copper, aluminum-clad and stainless steel. Nonstick coatings should not be scratched nor should abrasive materials be used for cleaning. Only the soft variety of utensils such as plastic or wood should be used for stirring when using nonstick cookware. Nonstick cookware such as Teflon should not be used in the oven as the coating releases a gas when heated. Overtime this can compromise the integrity of the nonstick surface an have possible accumulative health effects.

Nonstick cookware is mainly designed for easy, mess-free frying and stove top use. A nonstick cookware set is ultimately beneficial for heart health and lower cholesteral counts. it is easier to clean and because of it’s aluminum core, It’s heat conductivity is superior to that of other cookware such as stainless steel.

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