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A Review Of Corelle Dinnerware Sets

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A Review Of Corelle Dinnerware Sets

Posted on 02 July 2011 by Admin

Corelle Dinnerware Sets have been known through the years for their quality and the brand is a very renowned one. Through the years, Corelle has been one of the most trusted brands in this particular field of cookware items. Couples getting ready for their wedding and starting their preparation for their homes, would definitely be purchasing chinaware, and Corelle has always been there to occupy the top position in everybody’s brand of choice.

There have been so many other companies who have tried to grab a share of the market away from Corelle. However, it has been able to protect its share as one of the top choices throughout the years. Market researchers reveal that the sales of Corelle Dinnerware Sets have diverse rates in different countries. However, the disparity between the top seller and the second top seller is so great that the second top seller can sum up to only around less than 65% of the brand’s total sales.

As a result, just like the brand Xerox is to photocopiers, Corelle is to Dinnerware Sets as well as to the general Chinaware. Department stores have their housewares departments, and the brand has always been able to position itself in the most lucrative position, earning its right to be in the center display where customers and buyers can readily see the nice range available.

Occupying such a big niche in the sales figures of the housewares department, any department store’s housewares department would just not be a reliable department without Corelle products in its forefront. The quality if these dinnerware sets is superior to others, and the range available is a vast one so as to appeal to different customers’ tastes and preferences. After all, dinnerware is not just about use, but in many cases it is also a form of decoration in one’s kitchen or dining area.

These dinnerware sets are available for sale at several outlets. However, they can also be purchased online. Most of the sets comprise several pieces so as to accommodate different families’ needs. They are not only available in classical styles, but there are several modern and contemporary sets which are greatly appealing. White is the main color because it instills a feeling of luxury and cleanliness, and many people tend to opt for it. However, Corelle also caters to different needs, and there are various dinnerware sets in different colors and patterns too.

The company has worked its way to the top through its dedicated hard work throughout the years. The first element they put behind their company is trust. The company’s human resources department makes sure that it hires the best people to do the right job. They put a lot of emphasis on production, sales and marketing managers.

There is so much pride in the brand and the products that it represents, that the feeling is instilled in the workforce. This is a positive aspect since the discipline and the right mental attitude required to succeed are generated and maintained as a result.

Designers have to have reliable work experience, and must possess the same working habits as the company itself. This helps the company to come up with a nice range of designs, styles and ideas for the dinnerware pieces.

The company also never hesitates to spend plenty time on its merchandising efforts, and it is willing to hire in people and pay for them to travel to other countries, just to personally gather enough raw market data. This helps the company to be more in touch with customers, as well as prospective clients, while also helping the executives to have real time market information and data for them to consider during their company’s meetings and brainstorming sessions.

While from the market’s end, this brand is not only a symbol of quality but also of trust. Customers know that the company places a lot of emphasis on their products and that they make it a point that high quality and good customer service are always maintained. This helps to increase loyalty and repeat sales.

The company does not strive only for sales. It strives for trust. While chinaware and other ceramic products are known to be breakable products, the company makes sure that their products can possess the reliability for durability to avoid breakages, while the trust they have gained from the market would be able to insure future, continuous and increasing sales from the market. As a result, Corelle has been honest to itself and to the market, and it is the reason behind its success in the market.

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