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Buy A Dual Fuel Range Cooker For Your House

Posted on 25 April 2010 by Admin

In the past, your only choices for kitchen ranges are electric or gas. There are many good things to say about gas cooking. There are also many good things about electric cooking. All of these benefits can be applied to the dual fuel range cooker. Here are some of the things to consider.

Gas cooking

Many restaurants prefer gas cooking to electric. One for the reason that professional chefs use gas, is simplicity. It is easier for them to cook with. They get more accurate temperatures. You control the heat easier on a gas cook top. When you turn the burner up, it immediately gets hotter. This does not happen with electric. When you turn the burner down, it cools off right away. It is a slower process with an electric cook top. Gas cook tops give you better control over your cooking temperatures.

Your kitchen can stay cooler when you use gas. When you turn a gas burner on, you get instant heat. An electric burner takes time to heat up. Some of that heat will go into your kitchen. The same thing happens when you turn off a gas burner off. The heat is instantly gone. With electric, it is gradual. The excess heat will heat your house up. This can make it harder on your cooling system, in the warm months. It can also make your energy bill higher.

It is less trouble to cook with gas. An electric cook top must be perfectly level. If not, you will get uneven heat. You have a flame with gas. It will tend to regulate and even itself. You will get more even cooking. This can prevent some dishes from burning or sticking.

In the event of a power failure, you cannot cook with electricity. This is not the case, with gas. You can also have an emergency light source with the flame. If there is a power failure in cold weather, gas can be used to help heat the house.

Electric cooking

Electric can be safer to use than gas. There is no danger of carbon monoxide. Electric ovens heat more evenly. You may get better desserts. Meat will be done evenly throughout. This makes for a better baking experience.

A Dual fuel range cooker will combine the benefits of gas and electric stoves. You get better control and instant heat with the gas cook top. You have the even heating a

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