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Food Processor Review The Ninja Master Prep

Posted on 30 August 2010 by Admin

My kitchen has recently had an appliance added to its arsenal of tools.  It’s The Ninja Master Prep.  It’s a food processing blender.  Or maybe it’s a blending food processor.  Or maybe both.  I have never before owned an appliance that I made use of every day before.  Except for the microwave.  Healthy eating is so much easier now that I have this machine to help in the prep.  And not only the prep but I use it to to make finished dishes too.  Let’s see what you get in the box first though.

Inside the box, this is what you’ll find.  The master pod.  A powerful electric motor.  There are two containers.  A 48oz. pitcher, and a 2 cup bowl.  These have their own blades, storage lid, and splash guard.  Also in the box there is a recipe book and the quick start guide.  There’s a clever design feature on the bottom of the containers too.  A rubber no slip ring.

I mentioned that I use this tool every day.  I usually start my day with a green smoothie.  If you follow nutrition news, then you already know how healthy these are for you.  It’s easy to use too.  To switch containers, you simply move the power pod from one to the other.  The power pod has a single switch on top.  Press and release to pulse the Ninja Master Prep, or hold it down if you are making a puree.  It’s powerful, and it makes short work of any job it is asked to do.

Both containers can be used to mince, chop, blend or puree.  The quad blades (a unique 4 blade system) are capable, along with the power of the motor, doing any mincing, dicing, chopping, or blending job you have.  It crushes ice in just seconds too. This is great for drinks or ice cream.  You can make a healthy ice cream in just seconds.  Some frozen fruit, and some skim or soy milk.  Pulse it a few times and you’re ready to enjoy home made ice cream without the additives or calories of the usual stuff.

The non metallic parts are microwave safe, and all the parts are dishwasher safe.  With the Ninja Master Prep there’s no need to choose between a food processor and a blender.  It does both.

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