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Commercial Juicers For The Home

Posted on 26 July 2010 by Admin

When you decided to start living an active and healthy lifestyle, juicing was probably a part of the game plan to increase your vitamin intake. Three juicers later and you are wondering if something is being done improperly to go through so many extractors in such a short time frame. The answer is to skip the consumer offerings at the local big box store, and research the purchase of one of the commercial juicers that local smoothie shops use to create your favorite drinks. Often times, manufacturers will merely re-label a product like a common household blender, and advertise it as a juicing machine of sorts. The internal motor and parts cannot handle the workload of pulverizing fruit and vegetables and will fail quickly.

You may wonder where you would even find such a product, as they are not sold in retail stores most consumers frequent. Doing an online search of for restaurant suppliers with your zip code included will give you a selection of places to start shopping. As these products will cost more than the ones you have previously purchased a physical inspection of the equipment plus a lengthy conversation with the sales clerk will be in order to facilitate a final selection. You may come down with a case of sticker-shock when shopping for this type of juice extractor, as they can range from one thousand and on up to twenty five hundred dollars.

There are many advantages to paying the extra amount for such a piece of equipment, one being that you can create a quart of juice in approximately sixty seconds versus five minutes with the economy edition. The parts are going to be made of stainless steel, and will last longer than its usefulness. If you think about the prorated cost, a machine that runs about a thousand dollars will cost you about twenty seven cents a day for a decade of juice production. If you have to buy a sixty-dollar unit every six months for the same time period then it will cost about thirty nine cents. So in the end cheaper is not the most valuable solution to this scenario.

Maintenance and replacement parts of a commercial juicer are readily available when needed under warranty or not, and with the others the only alternative is to just throw them away if a component fails on the product. Make sure and see if you can purchase an extended warranty on the commercial version, as parts can be very expensive when the juicer falls out of the manufacturers normal coverage.

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