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A Look at the Modern Rice Cooker

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A Look at the Modern Rice Cooker

Posted on 08 November 2010 by Admin

In the past, a rice cooker was a simple one-lever appliance that simply boiled water inside of a metal bowl that cooked rice the same way, (and to the same quality standards) folks would achieve by preparing on a normal stove top.

Nowadays, the electric rice cooker has taken a leap forward into the computerized world with a special rice cooking & monitoring technology called “Fuzzy Logic”. Not only are the days of under or overcooked rice a bad memory, but there are also other benefits to be obtained by owning a more modern rice cooker as well.

More Than Just White Rice
Aboard most computerized cookers come several rice settings. Not only is there regular rice (white rice), but there are also brown rice, mixed rice, sushi rice, and with some models, risotto rice and sprouted brown. These diversified rice settings are great to have, and do not limit the user to just one rice cooking task!

Also, when making white rice, some units may offer a texture setting that allows the user to select soft, regular, or firm.

Better Rice Quality
Another benefit from owning a Fuzzy Logic rice cooker is that folks will experience very good rice quality, especially with the challenging brown rice type!

Cooking rice with Fuzzy Logic in your corner means that there is almost zero guess work involved as the cooker will automatically adjust cooking time and temperature when preparing the selected variety. Since the appliance actually “thinks” for itself, the final results are fantastic with restaurant quality rice batches each and every time. Arguably, a Fuzzy Logic rice cooker kind is the besttype of rice cooker.

There is also a pre-programmed soaking time and keep warm mode with such cookers.

More Than Just Rice
Some Fuzzy Logic cookers also do more than just prepare rice and may come with steaming features and/or slow cooking features.

Models like the Sanyo ECJ-HC100S come with a separate bowl for slow cooking stews or soups. There is a high and low temperature setting with a total 12 or 6 hour cooking time.

Such units also come with a steaming tray (or rack) for making healthy steamed vegetables, poultry, or seafood. While most cookers do not allow this process to be simultaneous, there are some models that do. The Aroma ARC-1000 and ARC-856 are some to name a few.

Other benefits with some modern rice cookers may include pudding, cake, and bread baking features.

Wide Selection
Since such demand has hit the market in recent years, many top rice cooker manufactures like Zojirushi, Tiger, Panasonic, and Sanyo have added more models to their lineup.

There are many units to select from along with different cup capacities for accommodating small to large households. Some offer just rice cooking capabilities, while others offer the multiples benefits & features mentioned above.

Generally, most units range from 3 cups (9 cups cooked rice) to 10 cups (30 cups cooked rice).

More Energy Efficient and Healthier Lifestyle
Using a computerized rice cooker may also prove to be more energy efficient and could help lead to a more healthier diet.

Consuming brown rice is more healthier than eating white rice, and using the steaming tray to prepare broccoli sprouts, asparagus, or cauliflower then adding black olives, and sliced green peppers along with a can of tuna fish or baked salmon, is just one of many ideas to consider when promoting a healthy weight loss, low cholesterol diet.

Since modern rice cookers come with non stick bowls, the need to use a dishwasher is limited, and folks with energy consuming electric stoves will knock a few dollars off their monthly bill when using a Fuzzy Logic cooker several times a week.

This article written by Matthew Laphet, co-creator of  Rice Cooker Guide.com, an online reference guide offering folks non-biased reviews of many modern rice cookers along with helpful rice cooker ratings.

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