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The Benefits of Mini Blenders

There are many ways to use a mini blender/ mini food processor in your kitchen. This little machine can make your work easier and does not require pulling out the big blender if you only need to complete a small task. Here are ten quick ideas to get you started.

1.    Salad dressings.  One of the best things about making your own salad dressing is that it can be served fresh just after you make it.  Most of the time one cup of salad dressing is all that can be used at a meal.  The little processor can be used to blend all the ingredients quickly and effectively.  In addition, if you need to add fresh garlic, the machine can do all the chopping.

2.    Grating or chopping nuts.  The machine is much faster than chopping by hand.  You will want to make sure the blades on your blender are very sharp.

3.    Dicing small vegetables and herbs.  Ginger, garlic, chives and onions are no match for the mini blender.  They can be chopped as finely as needed.

4.    Fresh Pesto.  Pesto includes a blend of oil, pine nuts and basil.  It is delicious when served over pasta.  Use your mini processor to prepare this concoction quickly and with little mess.

5.    Hummus.  When you only need one to two servings of hummus, the ingredients are added to the mini blender and with the push of a button, you have all the hummus needed to spread on you pita or for use in a veggie sandwich.

6.    Shredding cheese.  Using a cheese grater can result in skinned knuckles and take a long time.  Small chunks of cheese are quickly shredded in the mini blender.

7.     Fresh Salsa. For a healthy snack, toss in some fresh tomato, jalapenos and onion.  Serve with baked tortilla chips for a low fat healthy snack.

8.    Powdered sugar.  If you are in the middle of a recipe and discover you are out of powdered sugar, try blending granular sugar to a powder.  Many people like the results so much they no longer purchase powdered sugar but prepare their own as needed.

9.    Tear free chopped onions.  Use your knife to cut the onion into chunks that fit in the mini blender and let the machine take care of the job.

10.  Breakfast of champions.  There is no need to make four or more servings for only one person.  The mini blender can be used to make only one to two cups of a healthy morning shake.  Add frozen fruit, yogurt and a splash of your favorite citrus juice for a vitamin packed morning meal.

To learn more visit Mini Blender Central.

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