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The Difference Between A Blender and a Food Processor

A food processor works like a blender in many ways. These resemblances though may look and work the same, there are vast differences. A blender’s task is processing raw food to a very fine texture. A food processor works like an automated chopper and mixer, without causing the result to look like puree.

A food processor is a counter top kitchen appliance, just like a blender. The difference between a food processor and a blender is comparable in design and purpose of blade. Blades and discs in a food processor are interchangeable depending on the type of raw food and the end product desired, while a blender’s blade is fixed and unchangeable. When using a blender, some liquid is needed to be sure the process is smooth. A food processor can function with little or no liquid. A food processor’s bowl is usually wider and shorter, while a blender looks like a pitcher or jar. Some refer to them as a food chopper or food mixer.

The most important question of all is how does one use a food processor? The first step is using the right blade. Each blade is intended for a specific use. Make sure that the blade is securely tightened to avoid any accidents. Then, thoroughly wash all food that is going to be used with the processor, making sure the unwanted parts have been removed. As the processor starts to work its wonder, observe the food so that the desired consistency will be obtained. Wash the machine completely when done. Keeping the processor clean will ensure that the processor is ready all the time.

Many people refuse to use a food processor thinking that using one could cause more work than it saves. A food processor is supposed to shorten the food preparing process, but only when used properly. Food that requires chopping and mixing such as salads can be done with an “S” blade. Continuous spinning will ensure the final product is very fine. Pulse spin will make the end product to be coarser.

A food processor does a wide variety of jobs, including chopping, shredding, mixing, grinding slicing, and pureeing. With such a wide variety, food preparation can been easy for everyone, as well as time saving too. For example, tomato pasta sauce can be made from scratch using fresh tomatoes and herbs. Cheese can be shredded just before serving to ensure freshness.

A good food processor is suitable for anyone who enjoys cooking, especially the health conscious. Dozens of recipes can be found catering to those who are health conscious. Most of these recipes are vegetable based which makes it perfect for vegetarians, too. Food prepared with a food processor retains all the vitamins and minerals plus all the fiber.

There are a few precautions that should be taken for safety purposes. These machines need to be unplugged after each use and especially during the blade changing process. The blades are very sharp and may cause injury if handled carelessly. Rotating blades may cause fingers to be cut. Blades should to be taken out before removing the processed food to avoid the blades from falling into the food. The plug and electrical cord should be checked thoroughly before use. The machine must be kept out of the reach of children at all times.

A food processor is no doubt a great device that benefits anyone who uses it. It is a wonderful time and energy saver and is a good kitchen investment for any kitchen.

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