Why Buy LG Fridge Freezers?

When it’s time to buy a new refrigerator, it is worth your time to seriously consider LG.  LG fridges and freezers are well regarded, and the brand is well known for its good value for money in a range  of products from washing machines, to televisions.

An LG comes with a wide range of available features, depending – as always – on how much you are willing to spend.

If you are on a tight budget then the GR-349R is a good choice. Available for under eight hundred dollars, it is a good buy.   This is one of the most basic LG fridge freezers.  It is the traditional fridge over freezer style, with a modest 10 cubit feet fridge capacity.

If money is no object, be sure to checkout the three thousand dollar plus LG LMX21981ST.  This french door style top-end model comes fully loaded.  It has a  large 20+ cubic feet capacity refrigerator, and an amazing four doors!  With two freezer drawers you in essence have two freezers in this unit.  As you would expect on a high end model, water and ice are available through a dispenser in the door.

If you are neither a pauper or a rich man, but would prefer a fridge that is more middle of the road.  You might consider the thirteen hundred dollar  LG LSC27926ST refrigerator.  This side-by-side unit, also known as the ‘American Fridge Freezer’ style has a huge 26.5 cubic feet of capacity.  While lacking some of the elegant looks and fine finish of the LMX21981ST, it will be ample for most peoples needs.  It retains the ever popular in-door ice and water dispenser, which is a considered a must by many families these days.  Also with this model you get LG’s much vaunted Bio-shield technology, designed to prevent mildew forming on the door seal.

Regardless of the model you choose, LG fridges and freezers live up to the manufactures motto – ‘Life’s good!’  See more at my Fridge and Freezer site.

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